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Welcome To Burro Creek

Our concept is simple. Burro Creek Pictures creates scripts and video for a variety of uses, from corporate training to simple digital signage animations to viral videos. We cover events and deliver the results of the coverage on time and in whatever format the end-user requires.

Take a moment to peruse our little website and then send us an email or give us a phone call, and let's talk about your project.

If you're in the hospitality industry, video content for your website is a must if you want to show your potential guests what your hospitality experience is really like. Food and beverage operators can show new hires how menu items are prepared in a manner than appeals to their desire to learn while watching video. Don't even think about launching a new menu without atraining video to go with it.

Digital signage is the way to own the marketing real estate inside yor establishment. And it's not as complicated or costly as you might think. Burro Creek Pictures can show you the detail in one shot conversation.


The new Tilted Kilt calendar video,(short version, longer one coming soon) is on our YouTube Swimming Burros site, click here to see it.

A Note From The Producer

Welcome to my world. It's fun and it's exciting every day. I've been involved in the creative arts and media industry all of my life and I have no intention of stopping now. Heck, it's getting to be to good, we produce video and movies now with technology we didn't even dream about when I first flipped the mic switch on at KPER in Gilroy, California, on a Sunday morning in 1958.

I've seen us go from giant TV cams with vacuum tubes and 15,000 volts coarsing through wires inches from my face, to wonderful digital image recorders that gives us images and sound a far cry from those snowy pictures of yesteryear. When it comes to editing, it is truely a Wonderful Life. Whatever our minds conceive we can achieve--in fact most of us never really use the full capability of the software we have.


But you know, it still comes down to creativity. Ideas and concepts on the cutting edge. That's what we do are Burro Creek, we get ideas and then we execute--but because of the techo-gifts we have now there is no idea too complex or out of reach, but we keep reaching anyway. -- M. Cox

Burro Creek Pictures: We Produce Your Vision - BCP has joined the Thumbtack community of creeative professionals. . Thumbtack is a good way for BCP to show off our expertise in producing videos for training, event coverage and digital signage. Check out our listing to learn even more about what we do!"